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Mahler 1 with Lahav Shani

The score with which Lahav Shani broke through internationally as a conductor
Thu 4 Nov 2021 - Sun 7 Nov 2021
4 Nov 2021
7 Nov 2021


conductor Lahav Shani
cello Nicolas Altstaedt

Bloch Schelomo
Mahler First symfonie

Mahler was 24 years old when he started sketching his First. For music that evokes such a wealth of images – from stillness to nature to klezmer eruptions – it is hard to believe that this was his symphonic debut. It was with this score that Lahav Shani, also at the age of 24, made his international breakthrough as a conductor. His mastery, already astonishing then, has only deepened ever since. Equally impressive is Nicolas Altstaedt, who opens this concert program as a soloist with Schelomo. Music with an exuberant richness of colors and fierce drama, perfect for this top cellist – 'breathtakingly powerful and poetic', writes NRC Handelsblad.

Introduction on Thursday at 7:15 pm and on Sunday at 1:15 pm by Gijsbert Kok. 

Programme Notes

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top rank €68 | 1st rank €58 | 2nd rank €45 | 3rd rank €27 | up and until 26 years old and CJP €10