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Jubilee edition Gergiev Festival postponed until September 2021

The 25th edition of the Gergiev Festival, on the theme of St Petersburg, Valery Gergiev's hometown, will be postponed until 16-19 September 2021 because of the corona virus and the measures taken against it.

This decision is a disappointment for our visitors, all the musicians involved, the festival organisation and Valery Gergiev himself. In view of the government measures currently in place to curb the virus and in particular the fact that 1.5 metres between musicians and audience is not feasible, we see no other option.

The Gergiev Festival in 2021
We try to remain the jubilee program of 25 years Gergiev Festival unchanged as much as possible in September 2021. The Leningrad Symphony, the Dutch premiere of Raskatov's The Eclipse and Tchaikovsky's Second Piano Concerto with Alexandre Kantorow will still be performed, as well as the premiere of the music theatre performance Nevsky Prospekt with Rembrandt Frerichs and Hannes Minnaar, and a late night concert by the Rotterdam collective Bonsai Panda.

Advice Rotterdam Council for Art and Culture 2021-2024
It was with great amazement and disappointment that we took note of the advice to the city council of the Rotterdamse Raad voor Kunst en Cultuur (Rotterdam Council for Art and Culture) to no longer support the Gergiev Festival financially from 2021 onwards. The advice contains a number of incorrect assumptions. The Council does acknowledge that it is convinced of the artistic quality, craftsmanship and eloquence of the festival. The ease with which, according to the Council, the internatonally highly regarded festival is set aside is distressing and bad for Rotterdam. Without the grants from the city of Rotterdam, the Gergiev Festival cannot survive. We will try to prevent this cultural loss for Rotterdam and the Netherlands.
Ticket buyers
Those who already have their tickets for the Gergiev Festival 2020 will be informed personally, their tickets will remain valid for the Gergiev Festival 2021.


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