New signposting in de Doelen

Please notice the Doelen’s new sign posts with characters guiding you to your seat.

The characters will only be visible on new tickets and on all e-tickets that you download from now on. Should you have tickets that are already printed, please follow the next character to your seat: 

Name Folow letter
Parterre row 1 to 8 A
Parterre row 9 to 16 B
(Arcadis*) Frontring C
Tribune D
(Cees en Inge de Bruin*) Ring Links EF
Loge Links G
Podiumring Links H
Orgelring Links J
Orgelring Rechts K
Podiumring Rechts L
Loge Rechts M
(Cees en Inge de Bruin*) Ring Rechts NP
*the names Arcadis and Cees and Inge de Bruin expire on 1 September 2019

Is your seat number even, please follow ‘Rechts’ (right) on the sign posts.
Is your seat number uneven, please follow ‘Links’. The indication ‘midden’ (middle) will not be shown on the sign posts. 

Prior to concerts, employees of the Doelen are happy to help you find your seat.

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