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Ticket sales

Which concerts has the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra planned?
The concerts in the 2020|2021 season cannot take place as originally planned. We are working on an alternative program. Due to all the uncertainties that will remain in the coming period, we are forced to be flexible. We have therefore decided to announce the program on a monthly basis. You can find the latest news about our program in our program overview or subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned.

How can I order tickets for these concerts?
The moment when ticket sales start is announced on the pages of the concerts. Tickets are available via our website and by phone via our customer service

The concerts have unreserved seating. This means that you cannot choose your own seat, your seat will be designated on the spot by ushers of the Doelen. However, you can choose in which part of the hall you want to sit: parterre, frontring, tribune, ring rechts or ring links. Click here for the floor plan.
We ask you to choose e-tickets (pdf) instead of sending paper tickets. You can print e-ticktes prior to your concert visit or show the e-ticket on your smartphone.

I already bought tickets for concerts in the 2020|2021 season, will these tickets remain valid?
All concerts originally planned for the 2020|2021 season will be cancelled or postponed. Tickets for concerts from August 21 to December 30, 2020 has converted into vouchers on August 5, 2020. Tickets for concerts from January 7 to May 30, 2021 has converted into vouchers on November 18 and 19, 2020. Ticket buyers have received a voucher by email for the value of their tickets. Have you received a voucher but would you rather have your tickets refunded or converted into a donation? Please contact our customer service.

I have tickets for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince™ In Concert, will this concert take place?
Due to the corona measures, the performances of Harry Potter in Concert at de Doelen are postponed to 25, 26, 27, and 28 November 2021. Tickets already purchased remain valid. Ticketholders have been personally informed.

Seating plan and choosing seats

How many seats are available each concert?
The maximum capacity is in accordance with national measures. We also follow the guideline to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters, so that you can maintain sufficient distance from other visitors.

How does the seating plan looks like?
All the chairs are still in the concert hall, but rows are filled alternately. So there are no visitors in the row in front and behind you. Between two households, three chairs are always kept free (for 1.5 metres distance). For family shows, children can sit with their (grand)parents. Ushers of de Doelen will assign you a seat and take the distance into account.

How do I find my seat in the hall?
Concerts have unreserved seating. When ordering tickets you do choose a setion of the hall where you want to sit: parterre, frontring, tribune, ring rechts or ring links. When you enter the hall, ushers of the Doelen will assign you a seat in order of entry. There are enough ushers present to accompany all visitors and ensure a good flow of visitors.

Can I sit in the hall next to my family/roommate/partner?
Visitors from the same household can sit together. Ushers of de Doelen Goals cannot check whether or not visitors belong to the same household. Young children can sit next to their (grand)parents.

Does the orchestra also play in a different seating plan?
Our musicians also keep a distance of 1.5 metres on stage. In consultation with the conductor, this may, for acoustic reasons, lead to a different orchestra seating plan than usual. For example, the members of the orchestra may sit facing the organ or around the conductor. At all concerts the stage is extended, which means that there are fewer seats available on the parterre (ground floor).


I have difficulty walking and I can't go up and down stairs. Can I reserve a seat?
It is not possible to reserve a seat. If you are unable to walk stairs, we advise you to reserve a seat on the ring. The ring offers enough places that can be reached without stairs. If you tell the ushers in the hall that you have difficulty walking, they can take this into account when allocating seats.

Will the concerts remain accessible to visitors with a disability?
Concerts affected by the corona measures remain accessible for visitors with a disability. However, due to these measures there will be fewer wheelchair seats available. Wheelchair seats can be reserved by telephone via our customer service.

Is the elevator in use?
The elevator is in use. To maintain a distance of 1.5 meters, only one visitor is allowed to use the elevator at a time.


Is it compulsory to wear a face mask?
Yes, it is compulsory to wear a face mask until you are seated and when you leave the concert hall. We ask you to bring your own face mask.

How does the ventilation system of de Doelen works?
The ventilation system of de Doelen uses air from outside for ventilation and not a recirculation system. 

Concert visit

Can I be denied access to a concert?
When buying a concert ticket, visitors agree, in addition to the general terms and conditions, to our hygiene measures and the rules in case of corona symptoms. Ushers of de Doelen will have a brief check-up at the entrance to assess health risks. In case of health risks, we cannot grant you access to the concert. In case of symptoms we ask you to stay at home in advance and contact our customer service. They will be happy to exchange tickets.

I have symptoms that could indicate COVID-19 on the day of the concert, what should I do?
If you have symptoms that could indicate COVID-19 on the day of the concert, please contact our customer service. They will be happy to exchange tickets for another concert or voucher so that you can enjoy a concert at a later time.

What time will the doors open?
The doors of de Doelen and the Grote Zaal open three quarters of an hour before the concert starts.

How does the audience move through de Doelen?
Visitors enter through the main entrance at the Schouwburgplein. From the main entrance one-way routes lead visitors to the concert hall. There are enough ushers present to accompany all visitors and ensure a good flow of visitors.

Is the cloakroom open?
No, the cloakroom is closed. You can take your coat with you in the concert hall. Large bags (larger than A4 size) are not allowed in the building.

I have tickets for two different concerts in one evening / afternoon, can I stay in the concert hall?
After the concert, all visitors must leave the building. If you have tickets for another concert, you can enter de Doelen again via the entrance indicated on your ticket.

Can I have a drink in the foyers before or after the concert?
The walking routes to the concert hall take you to one of the buffets in the foyer, where you can grab a drink (included in your ticket). The bar closes 10 minutes before the concert. You are not allowed to take the drink with you to the hall. After the concert, the bar is closed, so you cannot buy a drink. 

Does the concerts have an intermission?
Our concerts last one hour and have no intermission. After the concert, we ask you to follow the instructions of our staff and to leave de Doelen.

Can I use the toilets in the building?
Yes, the toilets on the ground floor are open. We ask you to keep sufficient distance from other visitors. It is not possible to use the toilet after the concert.

Can I leave the hall during the concert?
It is not possible to leave the hall during the concert. 

Can I stand up during the applause?
We ask our visitors not to stand up during the final applause. We ask you to remain seated until you can leave the concert hall following the one-way routes.

Can I have a chat after the concert at de Doelen?
You leave the concert hall and de Doelen via a clearly marked one-way route. You must leave the Doelen immediately, unfortunately it is not possible to have a chat in de Doelen.


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