Public Benefit Organisation Gergiev Festival



Contact details

Kruisstraat 2 | Postbus 962
3000 AZ Rotterdam



Steven Lak, chairman
Ruud Bos, treasurer
Willem van Hassel, secretary

Joost Ector

Maria Hansen
Annette Ottolini

Remuneration policy

The board of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Festival Foundation receives no remuneration.


The purpose of the Foundation is to realise an annual festival in which the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra occupies a prominent place, in which a broad musical repertoire, arranged in themes, takes centre stage, and in which other art forms can be presented to complement the music, all the foregoing in the broadest possible sense.

Report of activities and financial accounting

Download the annual report 2018 (in Dutch).

Download the annual report 2017 (in Dutch).
Download the annual report 2016 (in Dutch).
Download the policy (in Dutch). 

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