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Since 1996 we have combined unforgettable concerts and recitals, organ music and symphony orchestras, Wagner and Chopin, spectacle and sublime relaxation. Among other things, we offer a platform for young talent during a conducting masterclass with maestro Valery Gergiev. This is a programme that befits the industrial metropolis Rotterdam with its unique cultural profile. This festival exists only thanks to financing from public and private parties. You make it possible for the Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival to remain a global brand.


Our illustrious festival offers you and your business associates an international platform of networking opportunities. Associating your name with this festival means investing in a durable relationship, giving a platform to emerging talent and reinforcing the image of Rotterdam as a city of culture. If you would like more information about exclusive networking opportunities in the midst of the world’s greatest performers or about sponsoring the festival, please contact Anne Sjoukema via +31 6 21 52 71 10 of via sponsoring@gergievfestival.nl.



Are you also a fan of the Gergiev Festival? Would you like to make a difference? It goes without saying that you can adopt a specific project such as the family show Babar and the carnival of the animals or the impressive closing concert with Berlioz - La damnation the Faust.

Closer to the festival
It goes without saying that, as a patron, you will be involved closely in the Festival. For example, you will be able to attend rehearsals and meet and greets, at which you can meet the artists in person. 

On that occasion you will see, behind the scenes, exactly what your donation achieves. You will hear the difference you are making and how the Festival becomes reality, not only in concrete form through the projects that you help to make possible, but also indirectly through the moral support you give. Needless to say, you will have priority in booking passe-partout tickets.

How can you become a patron?
You can become a patron with a donation starting at €2,500 (as a lump sum or spread over five years).

Tax benefits for donations
Your donation benefits from tax exemptions. If you opt for periodic donations, they are even fully income tax-deductible (since 2012 to the extent of 125%, under the Gift and Inheritance Tax Act). To qualify, you have to have a private donation contract  for at least five years.
A periodic donation of, for example, €1,000 may cost you as little as €350 net per year, whereas the Festival will benefit from the full amount!


If you would like to find out more about becoming one of our patrons, please contact Petra Roozendaal by phone on +31 (0)10 217 79 21 or by e-mail at: petraroozendaal@rpho.nl She will be happy to answer all your questions. Perhaps you would like to make a donation straight away. Naturally we have no objection to that. IBAN bank account number: NL97ABNA0448605384, in the name of Maecenasfonds o.v.v. Gergiev Festival.

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