COVID-19: General information

Following the government decision regarding COVID-19, some events will not take place as planned. Please read all information about the impact of the coronavirus on our concerts below.

Measures: prevent spreading of the virus

  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres
  • Follow the routes and instructions of our ushers
  • Seat only in the designated seat(s) / free seating is not permitted
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Limited capacity: we only allow 400 visitors to guarantee distance 
  • .

Read all measures

Ticket sales 

The uncertainties of our time challenge us to look for maximum flexibility. We announce the new program on a monthly basis. Keep an eye on our concert program or subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned. The program will be announced at the latest at the following dates:

October: at the latest on Tuesday 1 September
November: at the latest on Thursday 1 October
December: at the latest on Sunday 1 November

The program for spring 2021 remains unchanged (for the time being). Ticket sales for these concerts have been temporarily suspended. We are currently investigating how these concerts can take place with the current COVID-19 measures taking into account. Tickets already purchased remain valid.

Ticket scheme: Save your ticket - enjoy later

With ‘Save your ticket, enjoy later’, the cultural industry hopes that ticket holders will attend their favourite venue or event at a later date. The basic principle of the scheme is that the ticket value is retained. If a concert for which you have purchased tickets is cancelled, you will be given the choice to convert the value of tickets into a voucher, donation or refund. This way you can order tickets without any risk. More information about the ticket scheme can be found here.

Customer service

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra asks for your understanding for the impact of the measures on our organization. 

We comply with the advise to work from home. Due to the size of all measures, our customer service is only available by phone from Monday-Friday between 10 a.m. - 12 noon and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. As our office is also closed until further notice, you can not visit us at this moment. We also ask for your understanding for this situation.

Canceled concerts

The concerts below cannot take place on the planned dates. We do our best to program an alternative for the data in question. Ticket holders are already informed via e-mail about the fulfillment of tickets bought

Sun 5 April 2020 (14.15h and 16.00h) - Family show Peer Gynt
Thu 9, Fri 10 and Sat 11 April 2020 - St Matthew Passion
Fri 17 April 2020 - Beethoven's Pastoral
Thu 14, Fri 15 and Sun 17 May 2020 - Mahler 2 with Lahav Shani
Fri 22 May 2020 - Abrahamsen and Shostakovich
Sat 23 May 2020 - Core Classics: Shostakovich' Ninth
Thu 4, Fri 5 and Sun 7 June 2020 - Janine Jansen and Lahav Shani
Fri 5 June 2020 - Mozart and Brahms: chamber music
Fri 21 August 2020 - Summer evening concert
Thu 17 - Sun 20 September 2020 - Gergiev Festival (including family show Peter and the Wolf): tickets remain valid for the 2021 edition
Thu 1, Fri 2 and Sun 4 October 2020 - Seasonal opening with Trifonov
Fri 9 October 2020 - Chamber music: Shani, Capuçon en Soltani
Fri 9 and Sun 11 October 2020 - Ode to Beethoven
Thu 15 October 2020 - An American Dream
Thu 22 and Fri 23 October 2020 - Yannick conducts Bruckner
Thu 19, Fri 20 and Sun 22 November 2020 - Pinchas Zukerman
Fri 27 and Sun 29 November 2020 - Mozart and Bruckner
Wed 2 December 2020 - Sing Sing Along (3+)
Fri 18 and Sun 20 December 2020 - Beethoven's Ninth
Tue 29 and Wed 30 December 2020 - Family show The Nutcracker Suite (4+)

If you have tickets for a concert that does not take place in De Doelen, please contact the concert hall for updates.


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