Ticket scheme: Save your ticket

With ‘Save your ticket, enjoy later’, the cultural industry hopes that ticket holders will attend their favourite venue or event at a later date. This helps to absorb the economic impact of measures related to the corona virus in the cultural sector. This means that efforts can continue for events in the future. We join this ticket scheme and hope that our visitors will postpone their concert visit.

How does the ticket scheme work?

The basic principle of the scheme is that the ticket value is retained. Tickets for events to be rescheduled due to the corona virus remain valid for the rescheduled event, provided that the rescheduled date lies within 13 months of the original event. If you cannot go on the replacement date, you can receive your purchase amount (including service costs) in the form of a voucher, a digital credit. This voucher is valid for at least 12 months. If no replacement date can be found, you will also receive a voucher. More information about the ticket scheme can be found at: www.saveyourticket.nl.

Fulfillment of tickets

The next weeks, we will implement the ticket scheme. Once more information is available, we will contact ticket buyers about the fulfillment of tickets bought.

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