Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest

Rotterdam Philharmonic plays together with Israel Philharmonic

In honour of the Commemoration of the Dead on 4 May, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra are working together for the first time in history. With their Chief Conductor as soloist they play an excerpt from Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 27.

The collaboration is an initiative of Lahav Shani, Chief Conductor of both orchestras. Shani: "I am very excited that my two orchestras have now made their first musical collaboration. We are living in difficult times for all of us, andthe last few weeks have been dedicated to memories and remembering. In Israel the Holocaust Day was remembered just recently, and in the Netherlands on the 4th of May, the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Second World War. To the memory of the victims and with the deepest dedication to the survivors we would like to play the beautiful slow movement of Mozart’s last piano concerto."

Subtitles are available in the settings of the video player.

This video was made with the support of the Droom en Daad Foundation.

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