Gergiev Festival

17 to 21 September 2020

Program 2019 

The 2019 Gergiev Festival, from 12 to 15 September 2019, is devoted entirely to Paris, the city of love, light and music. From the Baroque to Stravinsky, this edition of the festival features the rich musical history of France.

Passe-partouts and rover tickets

If you order a passe-partout or rover ticket, you have a 20% discount. When you order a passe-partout or rover ticket, it is possible to order an extra ticket for the festival or for one of the concerts of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. 

 “If there is one person I could make immortal, it would be Gergiev”

Sumire Hara, violin player

Support us

This festival exists only thanks to financing from public and private parties. You make it possible for the Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival to remain a global brand. Click here for more information about the possibilities.

Dining and overnight accomodation

For a complete evening out the Rotterdam Marriott Hotel has an offer for you, as well as the Stadsbrasserie. Click here for more information.




Concertgebouw de Doelen, Schouwburgplein 50      Accessibility


Laurenskerk, Grotekerkplein 27                                    Accessibility

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