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Silvia Gallego Sánchez

Academy 2022-2023

I come from Cartagena, Spain. I moved to the Netherlands for my bachelor's degree because I was amazed with the way of playing the double bass here.

The reason I started playing the bass when I was 8 was because it was way too big for me and I thought I would grow tall. 17 years passed and I never grew tall…but feeling the vibration of the low sounds in my belly while playing has been totally worth persisting.

I always played in orchestras, I love it and I’m willing to learn more.

Besides playing, I enjoy magic realism in literature. Sometimes I like to make an acrilic version of paintings and if I find a good piece of wood I usually do some pyrography on it (not on my bass, though). I also like dancing, especially free improvisation and some salsa.

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