Prepare for a concert visit

Music comes to life even more if you get to know its background. The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra offers a variety of ways to learn more about the upcoming concerts. 

Programme booklet

Programme booklets (in Dutch) are available for free at the main entrance of the Doelen, before the start of the concert.

Pre-concert talks

The Friends of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra organize pre-concert talks prior to almost all the concerts. With the help of sound fragments, short interviews and appropriate anecdotes, experts give explanations about the structure or background of the music to be performed.

Admittance is free for Friends. Other visitors can purchase tickets prior to the concert for €5 at entrance of the auditorium where the talks take place. Pre-concert talks start an hour before the concert starts.
* Pre-concert talks are in Dutch unless otherwise stated.

Concert podcast

Listening to our online podcast is the prefect way to relax and prepare yourself for a concert visit. Artistic programmer Floris Don provides an in depth look into the known and less known facts about the concert program. The podcasts contain a spoken explanation, as well as fragments of music. If you subscribe to the playlist below, you will never miss a podcast again.

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