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Getting students in touch with symphonic music

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra wants to give as many children and youngsters from Rotterdam and surrounding areas a positive experience of live symphonic music, both actively and as listeners. You can read about over our mission and vision below, along with our complete offerings for primary and secondary schools.

Education & talent development is a vital part of our activities. We regard it as our duty to propagate our rich cultural heritage, the canon of symphonic music as well as to showcase the new generation of composers that is creating new music for this target audience. The aim of our educational projects is to show pupils that they can be touched by symphonic music.

At the same time, it is our social responsibility to develop talent. This involves top musicians inspiring and coaching as large a target audience as possible, from primary school pupils to music students. The musicians inspire and encourage talent in the city and the surrounding area.

The world in which children are growing up is constantly changing, so it is a major challenge to continue finding suitable and better ways to give live symphonic music a place in ‘their world’. As in other fields of artistic policy, the connection with diverse worlds is essential in education. In that context we consider it important to align with innovative developments such as virtual reality, online and games.

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