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The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra takes great care over the information it places on its websites. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that this information is always correct, complete and in time. No rights may be derived from the information on this website. The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra excludes any liability for direct or indirect loss of whatever kind arising from or connected with the use of this site, the information available on this site, or the inability to access this site or the information available hereon at any particular time.

References to other websites and hyperlinks are for the sole purpose of providing you, the visitor to this site, with further information. The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra does not in any way guarantee the content or reliability of these websites and hyperlinks.

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra reserves the rights to the information on this website. It is not permitted to publish this information by other means or to process this information without the prior consent of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. This consent may be requested by e-mail to If you disclose the content of any our websites you should quote the source containing an active link to the website.


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