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Business Club V

The meeting place for entrepreneurs and professionals with an eye for culture

Any successful entrepreneur places the need for innovation and to move with the times at the top of their agenda. And any (young) professional knows that a strong network and a broad view are crucial to becoming a leader of tomorrow. Business Club V combines these valuable insights by bringing together young, industrious Rotterdammers and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

The V represents Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. The famous first four notes ‘ta taa’ were played at the start of BBC News broadcasts during World War Two. In Morse code the note lengths stand for the letter V: V for Victory. For us it also represents five values that are shared by the worlds of classical music and commerce: leadership, surprise, entertainment, connection and inspiration.

Each year Business Club V organises four events at the heart of which lie these values. With top speakers, and musical interludes by members of our fantastic orchestra.

You can join at any time up to and including age 45, with a possible extension to age 49. The annual membership fee is €549 (plus VAT of 21%) and is partly tax deductible. This contribution benefits the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

Datum Evenement
Friday 16 Sept 2022
Official opening concert season: Concert: Go West!
Thursday 13 Oct 2022 Speaker
Friday 18 Nov 2022

Concert: Enigma Variations with Adam Hickox

Thursday 8 Dec 2022 Speaker
Sunday 15 Jan 2023 Concert: New Year with Trifonov
Thursday 9 Mar 2023 Speaker: Valentijn Rensing
Thursday 20 Apr 2023 Concert: Italian Symphony
Sunday 14 May 2023 Concert: Commemorative concert: Mahler 2
Thursday 8 Jun 2023 Speaker
Friday 7 Jul 2023 North Sea Jazz

Bastiaan van de Werk | Chair
Floris Vervat | Vice-chair
Liam Verheul | Board member
Rogier van IJperen | Board member
Margriet Tutuhantunewa-Jansen | Board member

Konstantin Kaminski | Daphne Buren-Baks | Christiaan Wagenaar | Harm Rebergen | Mauritz Vlot | Denise Doornbos | Margriet Tutuhatunewa-Jansen | Janneke Boerman | Rob Ittmann | Sjoerd van der Meer | Martin Curfs | Mirjam Hoogesteger | Charlotte van Steenderen | Benno Lokhorst | Floris Vervat | Bart Keupink  | Dirk van den Beukel | Amy Davidson-Oerlemans | Zizi Fernandes | Niels Olivier | Robert Knoops | Rogier van IJperen | Shanna van den Berg | Jeroen Terstegge | Koen Hamelink | Jules de Beer | Jaco Belder | Irene Tax | Astrid de Korte | Martijn van Altenburg | Bastiaan van de Werk | Saskia Braun | Jasper Nagtegaal | Ruben Leeuwenburgh | Job Velthuizen | Liam Verheul | Caroline Gerding | Willemijn van Hussen | Allesandro DeSantis | Caroline van Dam

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