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Paintings from an exhibition

Symphonic13 Oct '23

Musorgsky's music takes us across the threshold into another world: surrealism avant la lettre.

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Mussorgsky’s Painting Exhibition takes us across the threshold into another world, where we encounter gnomes, talking skulls and a hut on chicken legs: surrealism avant la lettre. Even more amazing is The Exterminating Angel, which brings the universe of film legend Luis Buñuel to the concert hall: a dazzling symphony in which the familiar and the disturbing go hand in hand.

Programme & performers

Adès The Exterminating Angel Symphony
Britten Violin Concerto
Mussorgsky Painting Exhibition

ConductorFinnegan Downie Dear
ViolinClara-Jumi Kang

All play dates of Paintings from an exhibition

Friday 13 Oct 20238:15 PM
Rotterdamde Doelen (Grand Hall)
  • Top tier € 79
  • 1st tier € 68
  • 2nd tier € 51
  • 3rd tier € 34
  • 4th tier € 24
  • Until 26 years/CJP € 15
Sale starts: may 23th, 10 am
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