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Saraste conducts Shostakovich

Big orchestra09 Dec '22 - 11 Dec '22(Past)

A rollercoaster of emotions in Nielsen’s breathtaking Clarinet Concerto and Shostakovich’s gripping Eighth.


In Shostakovich’s gripping Eighth there are few conductors that dare to stare so intently into the abyss as Jukka-Pekka Saraste. ‘Incomparable,’ wrote the reviewer of The Times about Saraste’s interpretation. ‘I was an emotional wreck by the end.’ To prepare the listener for it (and to get the snare drum warmed up), the symphony is preceded by the rollercoaster of emotions and moods of Nielsen’s breathtaking Clarinet Concerto.

Programme & performers

Wennäkoski Flounce (Dutch premiere)

Nielsen Clarinet Concerto

Symphony No. 8


An hour prior to these concerts there is a concert introduction in the Van Cappellenzaal.

ConductorJukka-Pekka Saraste
ClarinetChristoffer Sundqvist
Gripping, matchless and unforgettable
A rollercoaster of emotions
A matchless performance of Shostakovich’s symphony.
Helsingin Sanomat

All play dates of Saraste conducts Shostakovich

Friday 09 Dec 20228:15 PM
RotterdamDe Doelen (Grand Hall)
Sunday 11 Dec 20222:15 PM
RotterdamDe Doelen (Grand Hall)

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