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War & Peace

Symphonic03 Oct '24

A programme flled with orchestral beauty, where Rachmaninoff's Third pianoconcerto fights right in between.

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Immersed in the salutary tranquility of the Ivanovka estate, Rachmaninoff wrote his Third Piano Concerto during the summer of 1909. A masterpiece from a paradise not yet lost: not long after, war broke out in Europe, and in music. End of an era: even in the brilliance of Ravel's La valse and the grandeur of Hindemith's Mathis der Maler, you can hear that the world would never be the same again.

Programme & performers

Prokofiev Ouverture Oorlog & vrede
Rachmaninoff Third Piano Concerto
Hindemith Symphony: Mathis der Maler
Ravel La valse

ConductorJoana Mallwitz
PianoLeif Ove Andsnes
A masterpiece
from a paradise not yet lost
Favoring swift tempos, taut rhythms, and a shapely line, Mallwitz made one completely forget about the clock.
Boston Classical Reviewon Joana Mallwitz

All play dates of War & Peace

Thursday 03 Oct 20248:15 PM
Rotterdamde Doelen (Grand Hall)
  • Top tier € 84
  • 1st tier € 72
  • 2nd tier € 54
  • 3th tier € 36
  • 4th tier € 25
  • Up to 26 years/CJP € 15
Sale starts: May 21st 10:00 AM
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