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This page was last updated on 05-09-2018.

In this privacy policy we explain how our Foundation (the Stichting Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest) and related foundations (such as Stichting Rotterdam Philharmonic Festivals) deal with personal data and other data that we obtain as controller and joint controller. It deals, for example, with cookies that are placed when you visit our website, the information we need to be able to process orders for concert tickets, or the maintaining of our commercial relationship with you.

We respect the privacy of everyone who visits our website. And we ensure that any personal data you share with us is treated confidentially.

You should realise that the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra is not responsible for the privacy policies of other sites and sources.

Our use of collated data

Purposes and grounds
We are able to process your personal data on the basis of any of six regulatory grounds:

I. with your consent;
II. necessary for the performance of the contract between us;
III. necessary to comply with any legal obligation;
IV. if processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of yourself or any other natural person;
V. for the performance of a task in the public interest; and
VI. in our own legitimate interests.

Our ‘legitimate interests’ include: marketing, advertising, creating brand recognition for the orchestra, communications, business administration, legal matters, and internal management.

We process your personal data for the following purposes, and on the following bases:

I. to be able to communicate with you, for example, if you e-mail us, or to perform a contract with you, or in pursuit of our legitimate interests;
II. because you have purchased a ticket for one of our concerts, for the purposes of performing our contract with you; a
III. for advertising and marketing purposes and management of commercial relations, including the sending of newsletters, having regard to our legitimate interests and where necessary on the basis of your consent;
IV. to analyse your surfing behaviour on the basis of cookies or comparable techniques, where necessary with your consent, and otherwise where this is in our legitimate interests.

Storage of data
If you contact us by e-mail or otherwise, we may hold on to these messages until we have answered your question. In certain situations we may ask you to provide personal data. This data enables us, for example, to process ticket sales correctly, or to give a better answer to your question. We store this data on the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra’s own secure local servers. A daily backup is stored at an external, secure location. We do not combine this data with other personal data available to us.

The personal data that we register for the purchase of concert tickets will be stored for a maximum of three concert seasons, and thereafter anonymized. We can then only use the anonymized data for statistical purposes, to the extent that it is not traceable back to you individually.

For the purposes of managing commercial relationships with sponsors, patrons, friends and schools we store the data for as long as the relationship with such persons continues. Thereafter the data is anonymized and only used for statistical purposes, to the extent that it is not traceable back to you individually.

Photo and video recordings of children
The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra reserves the right to publish photos and recordings made during family shows and educational projects to promote its educational activities. The children are unrecognizably. If children are clearly recognizable, we will first request permission from parents / carers, and for educational projects via the contact person of the school. Parents and teachers are allowed to take pictures (without flash!) and are responsible for following the privacy policy of the school regarding the online publication of the self-made photos. Filming is not allowed.

Ticket sales system shared with de Doelen
You can order tickets for our concerts online via our website, by telephone via our customer service, or via the de Doelen ticket office. All ticket sales are registered in the ticket sales system of the de Doelen. We share our ticket sales system (Ticketmatic) and its customer database with de Doelen, firstly to provide you, as someone attending a Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra concert in de Doelen, with a better service, and secondly for reasons of business efficiency. In this regard, de Doelen and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra are joint controllers within the meaning of Article 26 of the GDPR. We have agreed with de Doelen in a data processor contract that people who attend Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra concerts come within the part of the database reserved for the orchestra and people who attend de Doelen concerts come within the part of the database reserved for de Doelen. People who attend both types of concert come within both parts of the database. Neither party may use the personal data of the other party’s visitors to send communications based on the attendance at the other party’s concerts. Data subjects may contact either de Doelen or the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra on matters concerning the processing of their personal data in the context of the shared ticket sales system. This communication will then be handled by the organisation that is better able to respond. For further information about this joint responsibility and the role we play herein, please e-mail us at

Cookies and remarketing
We make use of cookies. Cookies are small text files which are placed on your computer, tablet or telephone. In this way we ensure that our website works efficiently and that we can adapt our content to the interests of our visitors. We use tracking cookies for retargeting purposes, as well as Google Analytics. For more information, please refer to our Cookies policy.

We do not collate or use any information for any purpose other than those described in this policy statement, except where we ask for and obtain your permission in advance, or to comply with any legal obligation

Third parties
In certain cases, the information can be shared internally. Our staff are obliged to treat your data in confidence.

Rights of the data subjects
As data subject you have the right to access your personal data, the right to request that we rectify or delete your personal data, and the right to data portability. In addition, in certain circumstances, you can ask us to restrict the processing of your data and can object to such processing carried out on the basis of our legitimate interests. If you have given your consent for us to process your personal data, you are entitled to withdraw such consent at any time.

You can exercise the above rights by contacting us by e-mail at

Finally, you have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Unsubscribing to newsletters
If you receive a newsletter from any party associated with, the e-mail will include an option for unsubscribing.

Questions and feedback
We regularly check to ensure that we are complying with this privacy policy. Should you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at:
Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
Address: Postbus 962, 3000 AZ, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)10-2171707
E-mail address:


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