The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra is a "public benefit organisation" and is supported by the foundation 'Stichting Philharmonisch Fonds'. This foundation raises money from both private and business parties in order to partially finance the orchestra. Both institutes are registered with the tax authorisations as ANBI (Public benefit organisations).

For donations via bank transfer
Account name: Stichting Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest
Bank name: ABN Amro Bank N.V.
Bank location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL42 ABNA 0504 8360 13

Stichting Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest


Kruisstraat 2 | Postbus 962
3000 AZ Rotterdam

Supervisory board
De heer ing. M.C.J. van Pernis, voorzitter
De heer mr. G.P. van de Beek, vice-voorzitter
De heer mr. H.M.P. van Campenhout
Mevrouw E.R.D. Meijer
Mevrouw drs. M. Hansen
Mevrouw drs. C.M.A.W. Nagtegaal - van Doorn
De heer drs. O.F.J. Paymans
De heer drs. J.J. Visser

Managing director: mr. G.F. Wiegel

Remuneration policy
The supervisory board does not receive rewards for their contribution.

Stichting Rotterdams Philharmonisch Fonds


Kruisstraat 2 | Postbus 962
3000 AZ Rotterdam

De heer drs. J.J. Visser, voorzitter
De heer G. Wiegel, secretaris
De heer drs. L.A. Peeters Weem, penningmeester
Mevrouw drs. B.H.C. de Bruin
De heer ir. J.A.P. Ector
De heer mr. P.J.J. Pfaff
De heer drs. J.M. Valkier
De heer F.V. Vervat
De heer mr. M.C.D. Wesseling

Remuneration policy
The board does not receive a financial reward.

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