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Support is needed to keep doing what we do

Ambitious and adventurous. Eager and energetic. Innovative and unifying. Those who get to know the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra cannot help but become fans. A fan of symphonic music that the orchestra has been performing to the highest level, at home and abroad.

A fan of the daring choices of repertoire, the versatile musicians, and passionate conductors. Thanks to its many educational and social projects, or its online living room concerts that have gone viral, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra is for everyone.

To be able to continue the things we do, support is needed. From each of you, from everyone who cares for this orchestra and wishes to ensure its future. It’s certainly not just about big numbers: every donation counts in enabling us to do the things that we simply could not have done without your help.

From Tikkie to testament

Support from private individuals

There are a range of ways you can support us, from a simple Tikkie to a gift in your will, and many options in between.

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Our orchestra your business

Business support

Business support options range from joining Businessclub V to entering into partnerships, and many options in between.

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