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Celebrating the Voice

Symphonic24 May '24(Past)

Discover the world of musical beauty during the Festival O. performed by Chen Reiss and the Rotterdam Philharmonic. This concert has a special side programme included.


Step into the world of musical surprises and cultural beauty during festival O's Celebrating the Voice. Discover an evening of enchanting melodies; of caressing fado and timeless masterpieces by Bach and Mozart. Get taken away in The Many Within by the beautiful voice of soprano Chen Reiss and the Rotterdam Philharmonic. Together, they will take you on a poetry-inspired journey, written by Kae Tempest.

But that isn't everything. Explore the extraordinary building of de Doelen with a unique musical route, which includes a sensational experience on the roof. Listen to soulful songs from the caribbean by singer and guitarist Stanley Clementina. Or get bewitched by the queer poetry theatre performance I(-)deal, and enjoy a fresh mix of fado, flamenco, and contemporary classical music with Beyong Tradition.

As if that isn't enough! Yet Huub Prins, Elias Elgersma's alter ego will treat us to a spectacular show full of dutch pop songs on the roof of de Doelen. This evening promises to become a party that you will talk about for a long time!

Programme & performers

Mozart Ouverture Idomeneo
Berg Sieben frühe Lieder
Bach/Webern Ricercare
Korngold Songs

ConductorBertie Baigent
SopranoChen Reiss
Aïda Gabriëls
Magical solitude

All play dates of Celebrating the Voice

Friday 24 May 20248:45 PM
Rotterdamde Doelen (Grand Hall)

Watch, listen and marvel:

Artist in Residence
Chief conductor
Permanent guest director
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