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Contemporary music04 Jun '23(Past)

Crossover of live music and breakdance.


Dancers, musicians and a DJ: they challenge each other in a battle for the attention of the audience. In the end, they find each other in what connects them: the love of music. A unique mixing concept that guarantees a crackling chemistry between musicians and dancers.

Music so keen that you can feel it in your gut, forcing you to move. And let that be the case with music by the musicians of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. Dancers from Maas and wind, strings and a percussionist from the orchestra search for new dance forms on old sounds and tempt each other to interact.

Programme & performers

Melomaniac is a crossover between live music and breakdance.

Concept, director Jolanda Spoel

Dance, play Akif Dalkiran, Tim Jansen, Remses Rafaela, Gerson Rafael, Ruben Chi

Music Hadewijch Hofland (violin), Annerien Stuker (violin), Leon van den Berg (viola), Ricardo Neto (double bass), Simon Wierenga (trumpet), Remko de Jager (trombone), Adriaan Feyaerts (percussion)

Arrangers Jeroen Geevers, Steven Verhelst

Costumes Dorine van IJsseldijk

Lighting design Jeroen Melsen

Artistic advice Martin Baai, Laura de Jong

Co-production: Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Maas theater and dance
In collaboration with: Bijlmer Parktheater
Photography: Guido Bosua

In 2014, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and Maas theater and dance (also from 010) combined the best of both worlds. They created a unique crossover in which breakdance and 150 years of music met. In the years that followed, the successful performance was resumed.

The children (both 11) gave this performance a 10. I loved it so much that I don't know how to describe it; it was tough, moving, funny, super creative and musical.
Visitor Melomaniac 2021

All play dates of Melomaniac

Sunday 04 Jun 20237:30 PM
Rotterdamde Doelen (Grand Hall)

Watch, listen and marvel:

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