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Proms: Cinematic Soundtracks

Proms15 Sep '23

The power of a film often lies in the music, which gives the images an enchanting depth.

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The power of a film often lies in the music, giving images an enchanting depth. Hitchcock's thrillers only really became blood-curdling through the soundtracks by Bernard Herrmann. Star Wars was given an epic shine through the music of John Williams. Another Dawn is remembered for the brilliant score Korngold wrote for it – only to transform it into an Oscar-worthy violin concerto.

Programme & performers

Hermann Vertigo: suite
Korngold Violin Concerto
Williams Star Wars: suite

ConductorTarmo Peltokoski
ViolinSimone Lamsma
I'm a Star Wars fan, I think it would be fantastic to hear that music played by the orchestra.
Helma WagemakersEmployee Education

All play dates of Proms: Cinematic Soundtracks

Friday 15 Sep 20238:30 PM
Rotterdamde Doelen (Grand Hall)
  • Top tier € 45
  • 1st tier € 40
  • 2nd tier € 35
  • 3rd tier € 30
  • 4th tier € 25
  • Until 26 years/CJP € 17,50
Sale starts: may 23th, 10 am
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