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Give in Harmony

Your contribution will benefit people who want to visit a classical concert, but do not have the financial resources.

With Give in Harmony, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra asks you to contribute for an extra ticket, so that people for whom a visit is not within financial reach can enjoy an orchestra concert. Together we are committed to greater accessibility and underline the connecting power of art and culture in our society.

From the 2023-2024 season, Give in Harmony will be continuously present at the concerts of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

Give in Harmony is inspired by the 'Geef een Toegift' initiative of the 'Verenigde Podiumkunstenfestivals', the partnership of more than 40 national festivals. Throughout the country, the public is asked to purchase an extra ticket at a greatly reduced rate for someone who does not have the financial resources to do so. By analogy with the 'delayed cup of coffee' (a project in which coffee shops can pay for an extra cup of coffee at the checkout, which can later be drunk by someone with less financial resources), the festivals come up with the 'delayed ticket'.

Make a difference

Collaborate with social parties

For Give in Harmonie, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra works with various Rotterdam social parties that are committed to helping people with limited financial resources. Think of the Stichting Mano, IMC Weekendschool, de Voedselbank Rotterdam and Dress for Success. Together, we ensure that the tickets reach the right people. Below you will discover our current partners.

Do you have a suggestion for a social party to collaborate with for this initiative? Contact us. We would like to hear it.

Help someone else get a ticket


When you order tickets on the website of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, you will have the option to contribute to an extra ticket during the ordering process. This is possible from €5.

By making a contribution, for example, the Stichting Mano can make refugee children happy with a visit to one of our family performances. This season these include Sleeping Beauty, Sint Sing Along and Swan Lake.

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