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Named Fund

A very personal way of support

Very generous donors may like the idea of having control over how their gift (or legacy) is spent during their lifetime or after their death (under their will). We understand this, of course. That’s why the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra offers the option of a Named Fund (for gifts over 50,000 euros). This way of supporting our orchestra involves a bespoke agreement, with engagement from both sides. It means that you can choose the name of your fund: it could be your own name or that of someone dear to you. You can also choose the way in which your gift is spent, within the scope of the orchestra’s goals. For example, you could decide that the gift be spent on education, developing talent, innovation, the purchase of instruments, or foreign tours.

"I wish to remain anonymous. I don’t want people to know I am wealthy. Nor do I need a pat on the back. I have done this because I feel engaged with the orchestra and I want to ensure its future survival. I consider my donation as useful because I can see right now how it is being used and I am kept informed. It gives me satisfaction.’ - anonymous holder of a Named Fund with the RPhO."

- anonymous holder of a Named Fund with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

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Agnes Wijers
Account Manager Donors
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