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Discover our 2024-2025 season

26 March 2024
2 min leestijd

The Rotterdam Philharmonic presents its programming for the new 2024-2025 season. A task that is not taken lightly: 34 different concerts with music from the past five decades, varying from Mahler symphonies to movie concerts, and from family shoews to Christmas proms. Manager of Artistic Affairs Floris Don gives us the highlights. His motto: Bring forth the whole array of music.

"To give an example, take our beloved chief Lahav Shani. For the first time he will be conducting Bruckner 8 and Mahler 9, two of the highest peaks in the symphonic landscape. But he will also be working together with the wonderful WDR Bigband in a clash and cooperation between jazz and classica: Jazz at the Philharmonic. Honorary Conductor Yannick will bring us and evening of solace, with Bruckners' warm Third an Strauss' Vier letzte Lieder: Music filled with life and love. Darker is Shostakovich's Fourteenth symphony, conducted by our young Principal Guest Conductor Tarmo Peltokoski in a daring programme. Tarmo will also be leading the second act of Tristan and Isolde, in which love beams a blinding light. More contemporary is as well as urgent is John Adams' programme: Righ before the U.S. election he brings forth his own work, optimistic like an American dream. But also the Radical, conflicting De Staat by Louis Andriessen, which raises the question: in what kind of political environment do we want to live? Today's world also resonates with world premiers by Roukens and Metselaar. We rediscover pearls like Dawsons' Negro Folk Symphony and Vaughan-Wlliams' Sinfonia Antarctica. Trusty masterpieces such as the Christmas Oratio and the Matthäus remain anchors in turbulent times. Beloved soloists like Martha Argerich and Hilary Hahn return. The Proms concerten and Rufus Wainwright attract new audiences, and a diverse series of family concerts connects us to our young listeners."

Series can be ordered starting Wednesday 27 March at 10am. Ordering a series gives you a 20% reduction on the original tickets prices. Individual tickets can be bought from 21 May at 10am onward.

The complete overview of our 2024-2025 season can be found here.
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