Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest

Team Members

Managing board

George Wiegel | Management Director
Jeroen van Breugel | Business Director

Management support

Marijke Bakker | Personal Assistant Management Director
Esther Davidson | Policy Advisor
Jaap Lampe | Board Advisor a.i.


Arie van Dongen | Manager Finance
Hidde Frankena | Employee Finance
Sherita Baldew | Assistant Controller

Human Resources & Organization

Jacqueline Korver | Manager HR&O
Sandra van Leeuwen | Advisor HR&O
Monique van der Waart | Employee HR&O / Office Manager
Frans Anssems | Payroll Administrator a.i.

Artistic Affairs

Floris Don | Manager Artistic Affairs
Maartje de Wit | Head of Artistic Planning
Sarah Gort-Olieman | Employee Artistic Affairs
Katinka Reinders | Program Manager Education
Loortje van den Brink | Employee Education
Helma Wagemakers | Employee Education
Arto Hoornweg | Coordinator Orchestra Academy a.i.
Guillaume Maessen | Orchestra Librarian
Suzanne Overvoorde | Assistant Orchestra Librarian
Martin van de Merwe | Employee audio and visual archive
Tessel Dekker | Intern

Marketing, Sales & Development

Sanne Grijsen | Manager Marketing, Sales & Development a.i.
Hiemke van den Boer | Senior marketer
Bart Diels | Content marketer
Gerdine Kruik | Campaign marketer
Fiona de Jong | PR & Communication advisor
Femke Steketee | Content marketer a.i.
David de Jong | Online marketer
Pauline van der Vlugt | Email & CRM marketer
Sam Koopman | Marketer a.i.
Cobi Paalvast | Customer Service Employee
Andrea Kindermans | Customer Service Employee
Anne Sjoukema | Senior Account Manager Business Development
Agnes Wijers | Account Manager Patronage a.i.
Marielle Franken | Account Manager a.i.
Annefleur Mourits | Trainee
Sanne Wientjens | Intern
Sigmarien Poulina | Intern

Orchestra Affairs & Productions

Gea Plantinga | Manager Orchestra Affairs & Productions
Monique van Zelst | Orchestra inspector
Esther van Helvoort | Orchestra inspector
Daniel Rosenquist | Tour manager
Danny van der Weel | Event manager
Frans van Gelder | Orchestra Usher / Driver
Thijs van den Bergh | Stage manager
Jack van Heugten | Stage manager

Secretariat Friends Association

Nadja Bremer | Secretariat Friends Association


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