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Almudena González-Regueral Navarro

Academy 2023-2024

I come from a small family of Madrid, Spain. I started studying music when I was five in a very casual way: I just wanted to play violin like the main character of my favorite book.

My big love for music -and specially the viola- arrived when I realized how amazing was to share musical experiences with friends and colleagues, and how much we can learn from each other both onstage and offstage. I get very inspired by sharing quality time with my close friends and family, which might mean to share a nice meal, coffee or walk together talking about the most and least important things about life.

Apart from -obviously- music, I really enjoy reading and watching theater plays. And of course, to spend some time alone writing my thoughts or enjoying a good film.

Almudena González-Regueral Navarro (Madrid, 1997) began taking music lessons at an early age. Her first instrument was the violin; with that instrument she also went to the Conservatorio Superior de Castilla y León, where she graduated in 2019 with Marc Oliu. By then, she had already developed a love for the viola: as a musician in chamber ensembles, she had become enamored with the warm sound of this larger instrument. After studying the violin, Almudena decided to pursue further studies in the viola. She moved to the Netherlands to become a student of Mikhail Zemtsov in The Hague. There she graduated in June 2023.

During season 2023-24, Almudena will be part of the Academy of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra; she also plays in the Libero String Orchestra, the Agathe Ensemble, the Spanish Youth Orchestra, and the Orquesta del Liceo de Salamanca.

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